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11pm – 2am

MIXER wine bar – 6 Wenhua Rd Kaohsiung City

Admission: 350NT includes 1 Free spirit & 2nd half price or 2 free beers/bottled drinks


Queer Country songs and Disco Futurist grooves


Nirosta Steel


NIROSTA STEEL is another name for Scottish singer/guitarist Steven Hall who is also the leader of the Brooklyn nudisco band ARTHUR’S LANDING.



ARTHUR’S LANDING records and performs the songs of late NYC genius Arthur Russell.


“Arthur was my best friend and we played music together for many years–after he died a bunch of his friends got together to remember him by playing his music”.



Steven grew up in Scotland in the 60’s singing in church choirs and learning the bagpipes.


“I was shy and wanted to be cool and meet boys and girls so I taught myself the guitar and learned the songs of The Beatles/Joni Mitchell and Donovan”.


He emigrated to the US at age 15 then after high school moved to New York where he hung out with artists/dancers and musicians–there he met Allen Ginsberg who invited him to attend Naropa Buddhist University in Colorado where he studied writing with Ginsberg and Burroughs and music with Don Cherry.


“Allen introduced me to Arthur Russell–we were Allen’s backup band then Arthur asked me to play guitar for him”.


Hall and Russell performed together in downtown clubs like CBGBs/The Mudd Club/Max’s Kansas City as The Sailboats and Steven later sang on some of Russell’s disco hits like Tell You Today and Is It All Over My Face?



“Nirosta Steel is the name I use for my own music–queer love songs and remixes I do for friends–most of my love songs are written about Chinese guys because they are so dreamy!”


Steven has performed in Asia many times (Bangkok/Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Taipei)and he composed the soundtrack for the Taiwan feature film “18” directed by Ho Ping but this is his first concert in Kaohsiung.



Arthurs Landing & Loose Joints

Mojo Magazine…



Steven Hall 1



“Cool Fire” is the documentation of a series of landmark concerts by Steven Hall (aka Nirosta Steel) presented at Gin Gin Bookstore and Gallery in Taipei in 1999 produced by Jim Shum for O La La Music Taiwan. Buddhist Army is now releasing “Cool Fire” for the first time outside of Taiwan using the original masters with new artwork.


Gin Gin Bookstore and Gallery was the first and only LGBT bookstore in the country at that time (the gay community was still very much in the closet in those days) “Cool Fire” was the first “queer music” cd released in Taiwan and although it was only sold in their bookstore and never distributed became an underground hit. Gin Gin Bookstore and its accompanying art gallery was struggling to survive then; in the months before the concerts harassment by the local Chinese community resulted in police raids and a trial on obscenity charges which the bookstore eventually won.


“The week before opening night the front window of the bookstore was shattered by a brick and was just repaired in time for my concert–then the local police raided us and halted the concert but fortunately good sense prevailed–the police turned out to be reasonable and after they determined that nothing illegal was happening I was allowed to finish my performance and the rest of the series proceeded without incident!”


~Steven Hall


Nirosta Steel

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Buddhist Army

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Supporting DJ





A composer / DJ / producer originating from Taipei, Chen Yinn is known for possessing a broad range of talents in electronic dance music that can be described as an amalgamation of Dub, Drum ‘n’ Bass, House and Hip Hop, Italo-Disco, Funky Beats and other styles.



His career as a DJ began under the pseudonym “MessEffect” in 2004, covering various styles and genres with a focus on electronic dance music and abstract / instrumental Hip Hop, Yinn began creating his own hybrid of Hip Hop and electronica into a club sound that fits just as well in theaters and festivals as it does on dance floors.



He continues to evolve as a unique voice and talent in dance music with compositions displaying complexity and depth.



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